According to Linda Lowen published Nov 2019

The Upsides to Turning 50

Body Confidence

Despite the physical changes that come with turning 50, women often acknowledge being more comfortable in their bodies and less critical of how they look.

This self-acceptance, combined with a significant benefit of menopause—freedom from unintended pregnancy—often enables women to enjoy sex more in their 50s. The rise of the cougar (women who date significantly younger men) proves that interest in sexual activity does not end once a woman passes a set number of years of age.

Time for Yourself

Additionally, women in their 50s often find that as their obligations to children and family are lessened, they're able to focus more on themselves. Many women report eating better and getting into better physical shape than they have been for years. And with this comes a heightened sense of self-esteem.

For similar reasons, 50-year-old women are better able to cultivate and enjoy friendships. While getting together with female friends may have been restricted to a rare girls' night out years ago, there is often more time and resources available at age 50 for more frequent social activities.

Improved Family Relationships

Relationships with children often improve as daughters and sons advance into adulthood. Living on their own, grown children have a better appreciation of the work their mothers did to help them have everything they needed. And as those children have kids of their own, they experience firsthand the sacrifices and burdens of parenting and gain understanding and gratitude for their mothers.

Plus, many women become grandmothers for the first time while in their 50s. As a result, they get to rediscover the joy of having babies, toddlers and little ones in their lives—and the benefits of being able to hand them back to mommy or daddy when the day or the visit is done.

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